Travel optimism way up from beginning of 2021: Travel Weekly

Travel optimism way up from beginning of 2021: Travel Weekly

Six months after conducting a survey of Americans on travel sentiment, IPX 1031 revisited the topic to see how attitudes have changed now that Covid-19 vaccines have been rolled out and many restrictions have been lifted.

Not surprisingly, the company found that Americans are feeling more optimistic about traveling now. In January, 48% said they were optimistic about traveling in 2021. In June, that percentage rose to 85%.

Along with an increase in travel optimism, IPX 1031’s recent survey also shows an increase in Americans making travel plans this year. According to respondents, 75% plan to travel this year, up from 58% in January.

Not only are respondents planning on taking a vacation this year, but 55% have already booked their trips.

Thirty-six percent plan to take a trip this summer while 39% say they will vacation either this fall or during the winter. Twelve percent say they aren’t sure when their next vacation will be.

Of those who plan to travel, 71% say they’ll stay within the U.S., 17% plan to travel abroad and 12% say they’ll travel both domestically and internationally.

Forty-eight percent say they feel safe flying this year, and 80% say they will feel safe taking to the skies in 2022. Most (72%) say they will feel safer flying after being vaccinated.

Respondents have an average of 2.5 trips planned for 2021 with the average trip length lasting four days.

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