June travel for region airports rise

June travel for region airports rise

CENTRAL ILLINOIS (HOI) — Business travel is still down for Peoria International Airport and Central Illinois Regional Airport, but the leisure travel has gone up significantly since the pandemic.

Before Covid-19, January and February of 2020 were record months for Peoria International Airport, but this past March the airport has seen 37,000 passengers making that a pandemic high point.

Central Illinois Regional Airport has also seen similar success this season due to spring break travel, and both airports say their June metrics are bringing them closer to normal.

“In June we had about 53,800 some odd passengers, which is double what is was before,” says the Director of Airports Gene Olson.

“We had an excellent June, and by excellent I mean we’re at 80% of 2019 numbers, so that’s good we are seeing people travel, it is primarily leisure,” says the Deputy Director of CIRA Fran Strebing.

Fran Strebing says she thinks business travel will start to rebound in the fall, meaning they might see even better numbers starting in the next few months.

As for Peoria’s airport, the director there hopes to see more than 50,000 passengers this month.

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