Advice for Summer Travel – The New York Times

Advice for Summer Travel – The New York Times

We asked readers what travel this summer meant to them, and how they were approaching it. Thanks to everyone who wrote in.

“The building excitement toward the first day of June is the same giddiness I felt when I was a child during summer vacation. Summer 2022 to me is exploration, having fun, smiles and laughter, and it’s letting out this deep breath I’ve been holding in for the past two years.” — Julian Lak, New York, N.Y.

“I am cautiously setting the date of July 2 for my unmasking. I will be leaving for summer camp for a month that day, and I don’t want to wear a mask at camp. Since I just got Covid (two days ago), I’m confident that my immunity plus the vaccine and a booster will be enough to keep away Covid for a while, at least for camp, if not for the foreseeable unmasked future.” — Atticus Howard-Recht, age 14, Brooklyn, N.Y.

“More of the same: masking indoors, avoiding crowds, only doing small outdoor gatherings. My almost 2-year-old (born during the pandemic) still can’t be vaccinated, and given all the ups and downs of both Covid and the under-5 vaccines, I’m not holding my breath that this summer will be much different.” — Erica, Alexandria, Va.

“Last week, finally, I began to date again! I feel more alive, ready for the enjoyment of in-person, real conversations, sharing a hike or walk, a meal or movie. As a senior, I take Covid very seriously. With a positive attitude and my N95 mask, I will venture to new horizons and hope the special one comes along!” — Lori Roth, Arizona

“Covid figures are rising, not falling. Hospital figures are going up in Britain as I write. I will not be celebrating the advent of summer by having barbecues with friends, where you get relatively up close and personal. No, I shall still be donning my mask and social distancing. No garden parties on the lawn for me. The end is not yet in sight.” — Lynn Reid, Edinburgh.

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